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Experienced Quantity Surveyor – Wellington, NSW

PA is seeking experienced quantity surveyors who have an interest for detailed measurement and a proven track record in BoQ Measurement.

PA expects the experienced quantity surveyors to adhere to PA’s culture of excellence and processes for producing Bills of Quantities. Experienced quantity surveyors must also be able to assist in training and mentoring juniors.


Graduate Quantity Surveyor – All Offices

PA is looking for recent graduates with a degree in construction economics,  quantity surveying or construction management who are seeking to be fully trained in the skill of detailed measurement of buildings. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone commencing their career to have the right foundation of being proficient in measurement and having a thorough understanding of how buildings go together.

Minimum requirement: Bachelor’s degree in Construction Economics,  Quantity Surveying or Construction Management or equivalent course.

Experience: None required, but some may be an advantage.

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Trainee / Cadet Quantity Surveyor – Wellington, NSW

PA Wellington, NSW are constantly looking to recruit recent school leavers or students who will complete Year 12 this year to work as cadet quantity surveyors. This is a great opportunity for local young people to become involved in an interesting professional career while earning a good income from a stable locally based company.

Applicants should have a reasonable grounding in basic maths, but more importantly an ability to be thorough and methodical in their work.

Experience: None required

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